Wednesday, November 30, 2005

My Family

My Family

Snow Rain Sun Clouds
Hot Cold Windy and Calm
I predict that it's unpredictable!
Gotta love the Maryland weather.

You gotta love my family too
We are as random as the weather gets.
One moment we'll be living together
And the other, we are everywhere!

Like the rainy days in the Old Line State
My father brings in much needed shower
Accompanied with occasional thunder
I might not like it but I know I need it.

Sun shines through my mother's warmth
Balancing out the storm of my father's
She brings out the beauty of Appalachian
She brings out the beauty in me

Then there's my sister.
Her snow makes my life cold
Her snow makes everyone's life cold
But she provides the snow days that we all could use.

I'm just a floating cloud.
And one day
I might bring the much needed rain to the family.

- Timothy Kim

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

First Love

First Love

I'm not too sure
If I remember this one correctly,
But I was on a family tour
And I saw this one cool tree.
Winding branches and crooked roots
Crispy leaves and rotten fruits,
Perfect for kids like me
To tumble and rumble till I scrape my knee.

The playground wasn't only for me
Bunch of kids biting and fighting already
Around the tree
They greeted me with so much joy
It didn't matter
That I couldn't speak in their tongue
We all gathered around
For great afternoon fun.

As it is true with any good story
There was this beautiful girl.
Yeah, yeah
Typical tale.
I know.
But it doesn't matter
She was my first love!

What's a boy to do,
If he wants to win the heart of his love?
Hang upside down on the tree
And say "I love you" from above!
Branch by branch
Carefully I climbed the tree
I stretched my arm out
And held on tight on one of the stronger ones.

Then the unthinkable predictable happened

The stronger one wasn't strong enough
And crashing down I became the dumbest one
The beautiful one laughed out loud
As well as biting ones and fighting ones
Then the time struck five-o-one
And everyone had to leave for their parents.
Except for me, the "brave" one.

Now that I'm twenty four
You'd think I'll be more mature.
But as they say
History repeats itself.
Maybe I'll tell that story some other time.
For now,
I hope you enjoyed my first love.

- Timothy Kim

(I dont think this is a true story.. --;; )

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The day that I almost crossed the Golden River

How far could it be?
That was the initial thought.
I mean, I’m in the navy
Besides, there are girls to impress.

Sunny August afternoon
Crisp blue current
Pretty college girls
What can possible go wrong?

Death was never in my mind
While I was floating away
Only thing that worried me was
How stupid I look to those sugar pies.

When big grey hard rock hit me
I felt even dumber
I could already hear the laughter
Oh, death be upon me!

Grabbing on to the rock
I waited.
For what?
I don’t know.
To be rescued.
But probably was waiting for the time to come back.

Now on the shore
I was shivering.
Probably the embarrassment
Oh well,
At least I got a story to tell now
To my future children, that is.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Twenty Four

Twenty Four

Verse 1.
It feels like yesturday that I came back home
With a first place medal from NASA.
Yet, people tell me that I'm late again.
I'm twenty four and I'm late

Verse 2.
It's like that kid who missed his bus ride to school
So, his dad had to give him a ride.
Like that kid, I'm late to my second period.
I'm twenty four and I'm late

After three misguided effections
I click through my nights
With puberty coming in 6 years late.
I'm twenty four and I'm late

Verse 3.
Driving my puny little peanut car
To a room that I call home
I come home late from a lone social life.
I'm twenty four and I'm late

After three misguided effections
I click through my nights
With puberty coming in 6 years late.
I'm twenty four and I'm late

- s.m. Timothy Kim


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