Wednesday, June 08, 2005


Hardened heart, blinds my eyes
In hate, where freedom dies
Standing with a myopic mind,
Darkness conceals my street

Cupid's arrow, a purpose it reminds
In love, where freedom binds
Floating with wings of worship,
Adoration shackles my feet

- s.m. Timothy Kim

early winter, 2005

Sunday, June 05, 2005


크고 네모 반듯한 창문은
제한된 세상을 담지만

작고 둥근 물방울은
더 큰 세계를 담는다

- 聖文 김디모데

2004년 9월 8일

Grace (חַנָּה)

Warmth of love, my heart's guile
The mockery of spring's smile;
Promise of summer, deludes my mind
When winter's blister, I can only find

Where did it go astray?
And where will it lead?
To summer, my heart will not heed
For winter's blisters are here to stay....

- s.m. timothy kim

Early winter, 2004

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